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                                              Outdoor snowboarding outdoor skiing sales volume has dropped

                                              Author:   Source:   Update: Sep 18, 2018

                                              Outdoor clothing is different from other clothing, it has a certain periodicity. Due to the characteristics of being durable and resistant to the invasion of the natural environment, unlike the new styles of down jackets every year, these types of garments are usually worn for more than a few years before being replaced. Therefore, consumers will not buy every year.

                                              Snow hiking, Deng
                                              Mountain, ski amateur all the amateur life. Although heavy snow let the outdoor sports snow temperature, however, sales of snow outdoor did not increase.

                                              Ski reservation full outdoor equipment sales increase without falling

                                              "This is a very good snow, a rare sight to ski ahead of schedule." Zhang Wei is a snowboarder who had to wait until the end of December to go to the snowfield this winter, and this year he was outdoors Schedule a full month in advance. At the same time, Zhang Ying also started calling online "ALICE" who carried out outdoor activities such as hiking in the snow, walking.

                                              A heavy snow, the ski area around the city booked full.

                                              Since November 17, a total of 144 posts have been called for outdoor activities in snowfields, and the time for convening has reached mid-December, more than half the figure of last year.

                                              Subsequently, visited the Ha market outdoor products, surprisingly, the overalls, backpacks, snow clothes, alpenstocks and other snow outdoor sales did not increase.

                                              Jinli in Daoli District, outdoor stores, not many customers, "sales in general." Salesman said. Parkson Shopping Center in a world-renowned outdoor sports brand stores, sales staff told reporters in November sales dropped 20% over the same period last year. "We are here, in the high-end Andes, ski suits, sales have dropped significantly." Zhang Xiao Li, Harbin proud brand opened a distributor.

                                              "This year, sales of snow outdoor products dropped by about 30% on average." One industry source said.

                                              Slow equipment updates Last year, "enthusiasts" focus on heavy volume

                                              According to incomplete statistics, about 300,000 outdoor enthusiasts in Harbin City are growing in a geometric way every year. Outdoor products gradually extend from specialized fields to "pan-outdoor" products and become outdoor leisure products, increasing their sales year after year.

                                              So, why winter outdoor sales decline? "Outdoor clothing is different from other clothing, it has a certain period.Because it has the characteristics of durable, against the invasion of the natural environment, unlike the new style down jacket every year, these types of clothing are generally worn for more than a few years before upgrading .So , Consumers will not buy every year. "Golds brand outdoor clothing staff said.

                                              Zhang Xiaoli also said that due to heavy snowfall last year, but also coincides with professionals, "enthusiasts" consumer groups focus on replacement, purchase of new outdoor equipment, therefore, the consumption is more concentrated.

                                              "At present, the purchase of outdoor products to new enthusiasts mainly new scholars because they are, therefore, their purchasing power is relatively weak, generally choose some primary products, the price of a thousand dollars below." Fierce way outdoor sales manager Wang East said that the new consumer groups attracted by heavy snow this year are mainly concentrated in the low-end daily practical outdoor products as well as children's entertainment products.

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