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                                              God winds cold business snow melt online snow boots three days to sell ten million yuan

                                              Author:   Source:   Update: Dec 06, 2017

                                              Recently, the cold air raid, widespread cooling throughout the country, such as Beijing and other northern cities floated goose hay, Guangzhou citizens these two days also clearly felt the autumn into the winter, people invariably accelerated the procurement pace of winter supplies, gave birth to a Unit "warm economy."

                                              Reporter "sweep the streets" found that the summer in Guangzhou on the market has basically disappeared, replaced by a variety of autumn and winter clothing, even nowadays do not have access to the gloves, sweaters, wool scarves, etc. have one shelves. From the business learned that in recent days, the Internet also appears to be "warm" Italian fusion, warm products become the most popular products.

                                              Small pieces of warm products: sales soared

                                              Reporter learned from the business, the recent sudden cooling due to the weather, small pieces of warm products ushered in its hot-selling period, the online warm treasure, gloves, cotton slippers soared sales, mainly from northern buyers. In the three northeastern provinces, Beijing and Hebei, a few days ago also sold a gloomy warm treasure, gloves, cotton slippers and other small pieces of warm products, October 31 usher in the first winter sales peak. In Shanghai, the weekly turnover of gloves reached nearly 2 million yuan, an increase of more than 70% over the previous week.

                                              Arrogance Yang online store franchise stores Tang told reporters that in the past few days the store price of 2.5 yuan a warm treasure sales soared, only on November 1 the day received more than 2,000 orders. In addition, the store hot water bottle, warm foot treasure and other warm products also showed a significant increase.

                                              Business Analysis:

                                              Deng said that this year's sales peak came earlier, but in accordance with the experience of previous years, with the advent of winter, the sales of such products will usher in a greater buying craze.

                                              Personalized USB supplies: white-collar favored

                                              Since winter, businesses have also developed a series of warm products. From scarves, gloves, slippers, hand warmers, mouse pads, etc. everything, these images were pleasant, easy to carry USB gadgets into the office of a landscape.

                                              Boyuan homeowners told reporters that the shop a price of 15 yuan cartoon modeling plush slippers sold nearly 244 pieces a month, of which about 1/3 of October 30 to November 1, three days sale Out of A seller told reporters that her shop from early October to prepare a USB heating slippers, mouse pad, suddenly cool these days sales up.

                                              Local businesses are selling more office gadgets nowadays because local weather is not yet completely chilled. The reporter saw a Shenzhen businessmen on the main USB series of insulation lunch boxes, insulation plate, insulation pads, etc., a temperature lunch box priced at 38 yuan.

                                              Business Analysis:

                                              The rise of the USB series in recent years, due to low prices, personalized design, by some office MM of all ages.

                                              Nourishing health products: the price rose slightly

                                              Recently, Miss Chen received a sweet gift from friends - a set of home disinfection supplies and some winter tonic herbs. She found that cold weather and flu rages make the nourishing and health-preserving ingredients and anti-flu products hot again in the market. The winter nourishment has become a big selling point for foodstuff shops and there is also a slight price rise for anti-influenza medicines.

                                              Reporter visited some herbs shop found that many pharmacies will be anti-flu herbs are placed in a prominent position, some drug soup shop will be even more flu-proof formula posted outside the shop. Some businesses also sell anti-flu mask, disinfectant, UV germicidal lamp, and even anti-flu manuals and so on.

                                              Business Analysis:

                                              Statistics show that the most popular ginseng, sea cucumber, bird's nest type of supplements; dried longan, fungus, pot at the end of the material also showed a rising sales trend.

                                              Oversized goods: usher in a small orgasm

                                              With the small product sales plunge in the sudden plunge of different sales, the big warm-up products as early as early October began to grow. Large items such as clothing, quilts and other warm items, people in the "Eleventh" has been gradually started to prepare, in October sales of such products increased sharply, the sudden cooling more makes it easier for people to purchase warm clothing pace.

                                              To down jacket, for example, October 29 to 31 for three days, Taobao down jacket sold more than 40,000 pieces, an increase of about 40% over the previous week. Thermal underwear, warm treasure, gloves, humidifiers and other products also have seen more than 30% growth. yoomito flagship store owner told reporters that the store a coat has sold more than 2600 pieces of the last 30 days, of which November 1 the day sales close to 120 pieces. Another owner of the flagship store Efunda.liiya claims that the shop a paragraph priced at 39 yuan light thermal underwear on November 1 at 22 sales of more than 70 sets, the last 30 days total sales of 1237 pieces.

                                              Business Analysis:

                                              Nationwide, online snow supplies also increased at the same time, snow boots three days sales break 10 million.

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